We understand that you may be skeptical and that it sounds like a scam. It’s okay! That’s why we believe in being 100% transparent.

When you call us, you will talk to an ACTUAL human being who lives here in Tampa and wants to help. We answer our phones, we come to visit your house for the walkthrough, and we are the ones making the offers.

Todd and I are just like you – honest, hardworking, and kind.

Do we make money doing this? Yes. We do it for a living.

Do we also help people and families in the process? Yes. That’s why we chose this industry.

We are Dedicated to Honesty & Communication

Have some questions you want to ask us?

We would love to chat with you about your concerns, questions, or feedback. It makes us better at what we do!

If you have questions about…

  • How to sell your house in Florida (WITH or WITHOUT us)
  • Our process for making you an all-cash offer for your house
  • Whether or not there are any “catches”, concerns or doubts
  • How we can improve our website or provide more information
  • Our company and who we are
  • Even just to make sure we’re real people 🙂

Call us. We will respond and we will answer those questions! (502) 419-8731

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Jenny Beadle
(502) 419-8731

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